Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Rakani Capital?

    Rakani Capital is a US based investment firm founded in 2020 with a former BlackRock management team that has over 80 years of combined global investment experience across all asset classes and markets.

  • Why should I trust Rakani Capital?

    Rakani Capital follows all respective SEC and state regulations. We work with world class, independent partners including Grant Thornton (audit and tax), Interactive Brokers (prime broker) and NAV Fund Administration Group (fund administrator). We have decades of investment experience and a multi-year track record of delivering positive investment results for our clients.

  • Who can invest with Rakani Capital?

    At this time Rakani Capital considers potential investments from US domiciled individual accredited investors, financial advisors, businesses and institutions.

  • What is the minimum investment?


  • What fees does Rakani Capital charge investors?

    Our investor friendly approach eliminates or reduces most standard fees investors are accustomed to. We do NOT charge any asset, trading (commission) or transaction (withdrawal) based fees. Our Target Return Fund charges NO direct fees to investors. Our other funds and services may charge a performance fee only for positive investment outcomes aligning our goals along with our clients’ goals.

  • Are there any lock ups?

    Our investor friendly approach gives clients full control of their investment at all times and thus Rakani Capital does not have any lock ups or withdrawal fees. We simply request client’s provide a minimum 30 days notice should they desire to withdrawal any amount of their existing investment.

  • What type of assets do you invest in?

    Rakani Capital invests in any publicly listed security globally. This includes stocks, bonds, preferreds, indices, commodities, currencies and derivatives.

  • How do you generate positive investment returns even in down markets?

    Rakani Capital’s investment approach is market agnostic, meaning the firm can and expects to generate positive returns for clients in any market condition over an extended period of time. Unlike most investment firms and products, Rakani Capital actively manages long and short positions, along with utilizing derivatives to generate positive investment returns for clients regardless of general market performance.

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